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Le Cantine Inc., is a life long dream of mine. Growing up in Sicily, my dad religiously and yearly made his Red and White wines from the grapes organically grown in our vineyards just outside our town within the Province of Trapani. Everyday lunch and dinner would not be complete without a few bottles of wine on the table. My dad continued his traditional way of life when he transplanted our entire family in New York. He encouraged me to maintain a rapport with my school mates in Sicily and instilled in me the culture and traditions of my birth country. Year after year I traveled to Italy to visit relatives and friends in the various Italian regions. Experiencing and enjoying the good life...and yes that would include participating in the grape harvest during the months of September and October. 


It is this life experience, love for a good bottle of wine, Italian background and heritage, that has brought me back to Italy and other grape producing countries, over the last 30 years in search of  classical, great and wholesome wines which compliment our eating habits in the U.S.  The wines I have selected range from the very complex and robust wines to the simple, light and crispy wines. All  relative and very sensitive to market pricing.


Visit your local Liquor store and look for our wines, if you don't see them ask for them, I assure you they will be there waiting for you on your next visit.


Going out to dinner...yup,  compliment your meal with a  glass of our wines or order a bottle for your table. Look for our wines in the wine list and ask for them by name, if not on the list. Your hosts will know how to reach us and you will not be disappointed the next time you visit. A good meal deserves the accompaniment of a good bottle of wine, otherwise the experience will not be as delicious as it's meant to be.


Look in News & Events, for the features of the month, wine paired dinners, wine tastings, trade shows and liquor stores / Restaurant of the month. 

Restaurants & Liquor stores, join our mailing list for our monthly special wine sales, you will not be disappointed.


From my family to yours  I offer you this toast........


  "Live Healthy, Live long, Drink responsibly, ...Enjoy Life." ........  In Vino Veritas !




The Asaro Family

Principal Owners


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